Matthew Stapley

"We live within each other not only because we have known one another but because we have inspired change, provoked transformation, enabled healing, and opened doors to experiences."

              -Matthew's Blog (2014)


Join Matthew for his weekly classes in Mediumship, Psychic and Spiritual Development

Which he holds every Wednesday evening at 6:30pm in Ottawa.  Classes are $25 per class.

Please contact us for further information.

Check out Matthew's blog for inspirational writing, spiritual channeling and metaphysical teachings. Click Here.

Matthew is a full-sensory, naturally gifted, Medium.  He provides private sessions, media interviews as well as large-audience demonstrations and public speaking on spirit communication, the paranormal and supernatural as well as spirituality and other inspirational subjects.  He has been featured over 50 times in mainstream media outlets, has hosted two successful television series and has seen thousands of people in one-on-one sessions and group events.