Courses, Training & Mentoring

Private Mentoring Services

Due to Matthew's busy schedule one-on-one mentoring programs are currently unavailable.  

Evidential Information Program (Advanced Course, 4 weeks)

Next Session Begins June 5th 2022

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Psychic & Mediumship Development

Psychic & Mediumship Development (6 Week Program)

Matthew provides courses and workshops in psychic and mediumship development, spiritual development and healing.  All courses are taught live online through zoom.

Below is a list of upcoming courses and programs for 2022.  

Next Session Begins April 24th 2022.  Click Here to Register 

Join Matthew Stapley for this six week course in the art of communicating with Spirit! This is a weekly 2 hour course taught entirely online. The course is a mix of theoretical information with hands-on practice in the one-on-one and group setting.  Students receive individualized coaching from Matthew and his teaching assistants throughout the program. This course is suitable for a range of students from the very very beginner to more advanced.  Many of Matthew's past students are now working professionally in the field.

Class is Full - New Dates Coming Soon

This course is designed to provide students with both the theory and practice necessary to further their skills in the area of evidential psychic reading and evidential mediumship.

Over the four week program each student will practice hands-on applications of what they had learned at previous levels with the goal of deepening the detail of their readings, learning to bring through deeper information and build trust with their spirit team and gifts.

Pre-requisites: Psychic & Mediumship Development (6 week course) or 2 Year Development taught between 2016 and 2018 (with 90% Attendance). 

Upcoming Workshops

​Card Reading (May 5th at 7:00pm EDT): This is an introductory workshop in using Oracle or Tarot cards to receive messages from your Spirit Guides.  During this event Matthew will take you through the basics of: How to choose a deck, how to set up your space energetically for the reading, posing questions and using spreads, card interpretation and more!  This workshop is taught on Zoom and is available world-wide. Click Here to sign up!

Advanced Principles in Spirituality (June 9th at 7:00pm EDT): During this two hour workshop you will take your spiritual understanding to a whole other level.  Some of the subjects that will be discussed are spiritual dimension theory, mass consciousness, reality, manifestation, lesson cycles and more! This workshop is taught on Zoom and is available world-wide.  Click Here to sign up!​

​Psychic Experiences in Children: Round Table Discussion (July 7th at 7:00pm EDT): Most of the children born in the past several years are naturally psychically sensitive.  Join Matthew for this round table discussion on psychic ability, empathy, mediumship and psychic sensitivity in children.  Learn about coping mechanisms, psychic overload, educating your child as well as some techniques that you can add to your parenting toolbox! This workshop is taught on Zoom and is available world-wide.  Click Here to sign up!