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The Little Book of Wise (and Powerful) Thoughts

Each page of this pocket book contains power thoughts, words of wisdom, simple truths and spiritual revelations that can help to transform any situation that we may find ourselves in. It is a collection of realizations taken from a spiritual perspective aimed at shifting our approach to life.

It is simple, easy to read and contains essential ideas that can be used in meditation, contemplation and healing. Not aligned with any particular spiritual path or religion it is something that can appeal to anyone of any path who wishes to take a look a things that we all experience through a slightly different lens.

ISBN: 979-8370579875

Lantern of The Soul Oracle Deck

This card deck features bright and unique artwork and will help to guide your into understanding the various lessons that life puts in front of you. You do not have to have any card reading experience to use this deck and anyone can benefit from the wisdom found within it.


The deck comes with a very short booklet in how to read the card as well as how to care for them. Enjoy!

Lantern of The Shadow Oracle Deck


Journey within to the heart of your shadow with this oracle and affirmation deck.

This deck was designed to help you to take a look within your subconscious self to identify the areas of your being that require deep healing. Our shadow self is the part of our being that holds pain, unrealized attachments and sometimes even hidden desires. Each vibrant and artistically designed card is designed to help you to access areas of the subconscious self that require healing at this time. The affirmation on each card acts as a guide and focus to aid in resolving long buried pain.

This deck is designed to be used by beginners as well as accomplished healers, intuitives, mediums and psychics. Each card is self explanatory and a small booklet is included with the deck that explains how to do a basic reading and how to cleanse the energy of your cards.

The Lantern of the Shadow is comprised of two types of cards. The first 35 cards are the shadow cards which represent various types of pain, causes of pain and an affirmation designed to act as a focus in healing that pain and clearing out the left over attachments. The second type of cards in the deck are 10 healer cards which represent messages from the universe to aid you in your healing journey. The cards can be used together as one deck or separately depending on the goal of your reading.

If people had any idea how unconditionally loved, supported and guided they are by beings that they cannot even see, our world would be a very different place. 

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