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Matthew's Story

It all began during a phone call with his father when he was eight years old. His father was traveling in Thailand for business when he called to say hello to Matthew, his mother and his brother. As soon as Matthew picked up the telephone he asked:


"What are those big teeth sitting beside you on the table?"


Sitting beside his father on the table half a world away were elephant tusks.  Matthew then went on to describe further details of the room his father was sitting in as well as details from outside of the home that he was staying in at the time.


This small conversation sparked what would become Matthew's passion and life work - using his natural talent and unique perception to bring through information to others.


Over time Matthew's skills and talents began to deepen and he began relaying messages from people who had passed on.  His drive for helping others led him to the creation of The Psychic Experience, Heaven Knows, What The Shift!? and several other projects that have helped many thousands of people world-wide.

In 2012 Matthew was cast as a premiering host for the live TV show "Ottawa Experts" on Rogers TV alongside 2 other hosts. His episodes were so successful it led the station to offer him his very own show entitled "Insights with Matthew" the very next season which very quickly became a huge hit. 


In addition to hosting two of his own television series, Matthew has also appeared countless times on radio stations, television shows, in magazines and newspapers for his ability to connect people with the Spirit World, help them to find healing and peace as well as his profound and often humorous perspective on life's challenges. 

Educationally, Matthew's background is diverse.  He began his academic career studying nursing although the effects from a car crash prevented him from finishing the program. He holds multiple diplomas and certifications in health sciences related fields (Certified Personal Trainer, Nutritionist, Fitness Coach, MLT/A), completed a 4 year ministry program and is an Ordained Minister licensed in Ontario, and has certificates in multiple complementary therapies such as Reiki and EFT.  Matthew is also a seasoned aromatherapist, holds a diploma in herbal medicine (Chartered Herbalist), and a certificate in herbal formulary.  He has a passion for biology, chemistry and health sciences and continues to take interest courses in these subjects. 

Matthew currently teaches classes in mediumship, psychic development and healing, provides private and public group sessions, free readings and messages from Spirit regularly on social media, and appears frequently as a guest on various media and social media platforms.  In his downtime he can be found feeding his wild animal friends, writing books and making products for his online store

All that I want to do with my life is inspire people, help them to heal and make them laugh.

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